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Our Team

Donclif Exteriors

Donclif exteriors specialised in decorative concrete like:

    Our Services
Stamped Concrete
Interlocking Stones
Landscape etc.
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Donclif Decorations

In interior decoration business, Donclif decoration have reasonable percentage of the share of the market. Based on estathics, we give you the best.
        Our Services
Window Blinds and Curtains
Furniture and Cushions
Professional Painters
POP and Screeding Works
Customerized Rosette
3D Design
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Donclif Paint Station Ltd

Paint Station is created by Donclif Group to help customers and painters get answers to questions about paints, types of paints, choice of colour, application process and who does it better. The beauty of the house depend on painting. So, one need to be detailed when selecting paints in order to achieve ecstatic value. That is why after a very long time in the business, we saw the need to introduce Paint Station, where customers and painters come to find information they want based on paints, painting standard, where to get their materials, best equipment and professionals in the field.
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Donclif Express Ltd

Donclif Express is a haulage division of Donclif Group. With our haulage link we deliver goods to all parts of the country within stipulated time frame.
We have fleets of small and big trucks for our delivery services at affordable rates. The prices are based on negotiation. We have capable and well trained drivers to convey client's goods to their destinations.
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